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Racing in Project Cars

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Friendly and Fun Racing

CrashLAN is a new gaming event primarily for anyone to share the joys of competitive racing games such as Project Cars, DiRT and Wreckfest in a friendly and fun atmosphere. We’ll probably play some other games now and again but the emphasis is on the racing.

We don’t want people to feel left out if they don’t have a wheel setup that costs hundreds of pounds so don’t be put off if all you have is a controller or even just a keyboard and mouse! We are also offering a cost-effective upgraded Logitech G25 / G27 wheel purchasing service, and intend to have a few spare wheels available for hire / purchase at the event itself - but please notify us beforehand if this is of interest.

Planned Race Events

Our primary goal is to provide an event for like minded people to meet up and play racing games together, chat games and generally have fun. We aim to deliver a fun packed and exciting ‘Race Weekend’ with pre-planned race events scheduled (to a certain extent) so people can get a little practice in before hand if they like. We are also planning some team racing and an endurance event, along with some other silly games.

Dedicated Servers & Statistics

We will have several dedicated servers running that we can pull timings from and display on a projector so people can see how they’re doing during the practice / qualifying stages, as well as compare their split and lap times to those of their friends (or adversaries) when racing.

Win Prizes!

Prizes will be awarded for the top racers.

Feel free to drop by the Steam Group or find us on all the other social media platforms. We also have a Reddit post with some further details.

Racing in Project Cars

Next LAN Event - November 18th - 20th

Games That We Play

Project Cars

Project CarsNew Award-Winning Racer

This new racer from award winning Slightly Mad Studios is fantastic. Especially the attention to detail, superb tracks and outstanding car handling physics.

Dirt Rally

Dirt RallyHardcore Rally Sim

Dirt Rally has long stages, repairs and team management. They have 17 cars so far and 36 race stages. This is one game we are keeping our eye on.

Next Car Game: Wreckfest

Next Car Game: WreckfestDemolition Derby Madness

An early access game full of madness, crashing and mayhem. Race dirt tracks, figure of eight (carnage) and the classic demolition derby arena!